Saturday, January 5, 2008

Couplehood - Engagement Photo Shoot

Every couple is totally unique! It's that simple. I've yet to meet a couple that is exactly like any other. That's what makes wedding photography so-o-o fun. You're never doing the same thing twice.

I really like to have the chance to do an engagement photo shoot, or a "couplehood" session as I like to call them. It is a way for me to build a relationship with the couple prior to their wedding date.
No two shoots are exactly alike; each brings in elements of the happy couples' personality.
On some occasions the couplehood session happens the day after the wedding: if it is a destination wedding. These are fun professional shoots just documenting the couple being who they are.

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April Greer Photography said...

I LOVE your e-session photos-this couple had the cute factor. Cheers to 2008 and lots of happy wedded people!

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