Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Martha Stewart Knows Her Stuff

Why would a man, especially one who looks like I do in my profile photo, write about Martha Stewart? Why would I read a book entitled "The Martha Rules"?!

Why indeed? The number one reason is the sub-title:

It drew me in. As a photographer, I am both an artist and a business owner. Anyone who runs a business MUST constantly be improving, and building on their knowledge base.

I make it a habit to read, research and study. I strive to hone, both my photography skills and my understanding of business and what it takes to be the best. Success demands that we never rest on our past accomplishments.

Martha is an authority on being the best... her book convinced me! she really understands not only home- making, but the entrepreneurial spirit and offering above-average service.

This book is what I am about as a wedding photographer. It is about quality, passion, big ideas, taking risks; not chances and... "Make it Beautiful".

That's what it is all about, especially in the art of the wedding photography business. We make it beautiful. We take an already lovely bride, and through composition, lighting, unique angles, correct focus, capturing just the right mood & emotion - we make her even more Beautiful!

In all that I do as a Wedding Photographer - my goal is Beauty. Make it beautiful and offer quality finished products that are not available to the average person

I have read this book and was so inspired by it, that I'll definitely read it through a few times in this New Year!


Terry T. Jackson said...

Martha's an easy target, but no one handed success to her, she worked for it.

Also, I'd rather be in an environment decorated by her style instead of the frou-frou sentimental kitsch most (North American) women default to.

Gjerme said...

I couldn't agree more Terry - she started as a caterer and transformed that initial business into a Multi Billion Daolar enterprise. She's got style.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the book recommendation -- I haven't read it but will look for it. love the photo of the bride under her veil, btw. nice work!

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