Tuesday, January 15, 2008

music CD gig

Joy Israelson is a very fun and lively individual. She is a strong Christian, a natural vocalist who loves to sing, perform & minister. I was honored to photograph her for this CD. I admire
people who don't hide their gifts away in a dusty drawer; but who are also humble about their talent.

We had a blast - rolling in the grass, climbling on fences, trying different outfits and getting chiggers - very itchy. Joy is able to evoke tears at will - which worked amazingly well for a shot that never made it in to the final cover. Check out her music here. http://daz.com/releases/Joy%20Israelson/forgetful%20heart.html


Mike said...

I bet this was an awesome fun time! Great job!

Renee Marquis said...

Oh, sweet! Love your images!

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