Sunday, January 6, 2008

Snow & Scooters

Today was a balmy Sunday afternoon. The temperature hit 40 degrees! How could we stay inside with such tropical-like conditions?
After about 40 minutes of getting bundled up for our adventure, we were off! We gathered our sheepskin- lined-wagon, a couple of scooters, and Nigel (our Beagle/Lhasa Apso).
I usually don't associate snow with scooters but, it worked. We had a blast! Snow ball fights, foot races, jumping off stone walls with Nigel and riding scooters.
I almost wiped out while riding a scooter on the ice! Everyone had fun, got cold, and enjoyed a warm fire when we returned home to mommy & baby Leif.


Jessica Del Vecchio said...

Looks like a fun day - and you made the most out of it!

Happy 2008!

Jaci said...

Cute photos. I especially like #2. Looks like you guys had a ball!
Happy 2008


Lisa Stein said...

Sheepskin lined wagon, now that's snowin' in style! Cute kids!

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