Friday, January 4, 2008

Unique Wedding Photo Angles

You know what I love about this particular image?

It is unexpected, unusual, and is taken from a very unique angle.

I was actually shooting this image along side another individual with a camera (which I have no problem with, as long as they remember who is getting paid to be there). We both saw the image completely differently. He shot for the bride and grooms posed smile. I was interested in the foot-wear.... the DETAILS baby!

The brides shoes were so cool! I just had to record them. While I was composing this shot I noticed the bestman watching as the couple sat astride of his motor bike.
I love the juxtaposition of the casual relaxed Bride & Groom to the awkward stance of the onlooker. I'm sure he's thinking "glad your getting married just please don't dump my new bike".

That extra detail takes this image from an average shot of foot wear to one that has interest on many levels.


Beaton Photography said...

OOOOH! I like that one too - very unique!

Kelly Segre said...

What a great shot...I love that her shoes match her dress!

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