Monday, January 28, 2008

What to look for in a Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photography - it's about the passion, it's about the emotion, it's about that special look, it's the way you touch, the way you laugh together,it's about you and only you.

No two couples have the exact same relationship - there are unique and intimate qualities that no one else will ever posess.

A good wedding photographer is able to capture some posed moments that record what you look like - but not who you really are. A truly GREAT wedding photographer is able to see beyond the surface - to transcend the standard trite poses and capture your relationship as it is.

It's about you - a newly formed couple - what makes you unique - what makes you smile, laugh, dance, sing and play? This is what a GREAT wedding photographer is able to intuitively discover and record for you - your families - your friends - your bridal party - your children.

The real, intimate, passionate, love- filled you.
Don't settle for good: expect GREAT!
Your wedding - it's your story - be very particular about who's telling it!

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