Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Girls Ball/Dance

My four girls, Abigail, Solveig, Gwenna & Bryn decided to have a ball for the whole family last evening. It has been to-o-o-o-o cold to even consider going outside. We're talking deadly and painful cold.

We homeschool all of our kids - at least the ones from 2 (Bryn just started pre-school) to 13. Because of this they often have fairly free afternoons. This gave them time... They planned and rehearsed, made and delivered invitations for the 3 boys and Kristi and Myself.
The time was scheduled for 6:30 sharp (it actually started at 6:48). I was told by Gwenna (4 years) that I would need to wear Handsomer clothes in the evening.
It was to be a formal affair. And it was grand!
Abigail directed and choreographed the event - she even gave Bryn some areal spinning.

There was twirling and spinning and jumping. Solveig (6 years) was very graceful and fluid - as if she had years of training.

Arms were lifted in the air - and other fancy moves by Bryn (2 years).
They were truly dazzling.

Gwenna is always a real showboat, and a great preformer. Like her father she likes to be the center of attention, and is a bit of a goofballl.
I was very excited to try some new lens attachments and experiment with them.
We had a beautiful blazing fire, built by the boys. It was very much needed by all, on the coldest night in years.
Kristi baked a Banana Chiffon cake. Needless to say it was a hit both at the party and later for a bed time treat.
Thank you ladies for the FUN evening. You made this long cold winter a little bit warmer.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Finally My NEW Web Site - click here

Well, after months of planning and thinking and deliberation - I have finally launched my Website. All good things come to those who wait.

I am very excited at the results. Often things look good in our minds but not so much in reality. This outcome is the opposite. I'm thrilled. Really!

If you check it out, you'll see more images of the Bride in Red, and many other images of many other people. You'll hear some funky music, which you can shut off if it drives you crazy. I love photography sites with music. My sister-in-law, Mary on the other hand hates them.

Thank God we are all different. I may post more images of Ashley in her RED wedding gown - if I get enough requests. What a cool Christmas wedding!

Check it out Baby!

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