Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Girls Ball/Dance

My four girls, Abigail, Solveig, Gwenna & Bryn decided to have a ball for the whole family last evening. It has been to-o-o-o-o cold to even consider going outside. We're talking deadly and painful cold.

We homeschool all of our kids - at least the ones from 2 (Bryn just started pre-school) to 13. Because of this they often have fairly free afternoons. This gave them time... They planned and rehearsed, made and delivered invitations for the 3 boys and Kristi and Myself.
The time was scheduled for 6:30 sharp (it actually started at 6:48). I was told by Gwenna (4 years) that I would need to wear Handsomer clothes in the evening.
It was to be a formal affair. And it was grand!
Abigail directed and choreographed the event - she even gave Bryn some areal spinning.

There was twirling and spinning and jumping. Solveig (6 years) was very graceful and fluid - as if she had years of training.

Arms were lifted in the air - and other fancy moves by Bryn (2 years).
They were truly dazzling.

Gwenna is always a real showboat, and a great preformer. Like her father she likes to be the center of attention, and is a bit of a goofballl.
I was very excited to try some new lens attachments and experiment with them.
We had a beautiful blazing fire, built by the boys. It was very much needed by all, on the coldest night in years.
Kristi baked a Banana Chiffon cake. Needless to say it was a hit both at the party and later for a bed time treat.
Thank you ladies for the FUN evening. You made this long cold winter a little bit warmer.

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