Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Technology - Love it but...

So I have been slightly lax in my Blog postings as of late. Why you ask? Great question. It's about technology. I love it, but I am also so-o-o very dependant upon it that when there is a glitch, I'm kinda like stuck.

My computer crashed sometime with-in the last week and a half. Ouch that hurts! It just went black and never came back. I exhausted my entire personal computer knowledge base, which consists of pressing buttons, turning off the surge protector and unplugging it while slowly counting to 25 (which equals almost a minute). I did this about 30 or 40 times, a few of my kids gave it a try - but to no avail - still no start.

The first thing that I did was to call the wise guy who custom built this box for me. I called - the phone just rang... no answering machine. I called, and called, and called. It rang, and rang, and rang, My wife asked why it is that there are so many business in this town who have no answering machine... especially a very busy tech type dude. I mean he has ear rings, tattoos and other post mod trappings - why not a little box to leave a message in.

I drove to his cool little shop on Main St. The door was locked - which was understandable since it was lunch time. I also remembered that he did have a contract with a local hospital which took up a couple of days a week. The last time I was at his shop I had seen his hours and a cell phone number listed on a sign. I couldn't see them on the doors or windows. Maybe it was on his big sign above his building.

Since it is extremely cold, I got into my snazzy passanger van and drove accross the street so I could write down his cell number. After parking so that I could get a clear view of his building and sign, I noticed somthing strange. His sign that was there a few days ago was now GONE!!!! I didn't throw a fit.. cause I'm a grown up with kids. I drove to his lot and got out, empty building.

I drove around downtown to see if I could spot his new location. I asked a few local business owners - they had no idea where he vanished to Chanber of Commerce - no help either. Hmph!?

I then thought about googleing to locate another local Computer genius. That didn't work with out a computer. So I did something that I rarely ever do. I cracked open the yellow pages and searched. I called every computer guy in the book and found that most did NOT have answering machines. 2 did and only one returned my call - he was at least twice the price of another guy that I found and liked right off the bat.

I liked him because he answered his phone and talked to me. He asked me questions. He didn't jump to conclusions - so I took it to him. Jesse @ 701-320-2952. Jesse called me back at 7:30 pm and said that it would be almost as cheap to buy a new one as it would be to replace all the inferior parts that my former guru used when he built the old one. Gr-r-r.

So as I am awaiting the arrival of my new laptop - I am using the computer that is allocated for family/personal use. I will not load any photos on this unit - thus you have no images to accompany this posting. Fortunately Jesse was able to recover most of my data. I'll not be starting from scratch when I get the new one up and running.

Technology - can't live with out it... can't shoot it.

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Kelly Segre said...

This is a great story (sorry to hear about your computer problems. But now I'm curious...what type of laptop did you get???

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