Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Jewlery Photography

I was contacted this week by a jewelry company about shooting 500 pieces for their business.

They will be using them for both their catalog and for their web-site. It has been years since I shot Jewels, the last time being when I was employed by mail order giant Fingerhut. That was a great place to work - it was a phenomenal learning ground. We shot every thing from Vacuums to entire room sets, and built the sets -with the help of the official set builders.

Well this company needed some samples of jewelry. So this is what I sent them. My difficulty is that I was approached through a site where I bid on freelance gigs, and you do not know what the companies style is or what exactly they are looking for... or who they are.
I hope they like what they see -'cause I have no idea what their photography usually looks like.

I personally like the pearls and this last shot - they just have a little more emotion to them.

Friday, May 2, 2008

It has been a Month of Technology Disasters

Well Last time that I Blogged I had just gotten my Dell Laptop. I purchased it online from an eBay Vendor CSR Technologies. I got the computer for a great price, and I was quite excited to have two computers finally. It was great whilst it lasted.

Then after about 3 weeks my laptop gave up the ghost. I was so-o-o upset. I called a neighbor who is in the Tech biz. He came over, checked it all out. That took a good part of a Saturday afternoon. His conclusion - either a corrupted file or the hard drive was shot. He suggested getting the disk to Re-load my operating system that way I'd know one way or the other.

The following Monday, I called my Warranty provider... I figured that I had purchased that Guarantee for peace of mind, so why not use it. The best part was that I could do it online, no need to deal with those ridiculous phone menus - "Please press 1 for English, press 2 for Spanish, press 3 for a person on the same continent as you, press 4..." well you know exactly what I mean.

I had never had to use any warranty protection before, so I was glad to have the chance to make up for all those other wasted purchases of peace of mind. I logged on to the Square Trade site. Filled out all the information and got the message - Claim Denied. WHAT!? I'd only purchased the warranty 3 weeks ago. There musta been a mistake. I tried again - the system blocked my attempt to try again. Well, I could always call their customer support line and use the awesome phone menu.

I went through all the options, pressed a dozen numbers, listened to umpteen messages and then got put on hold. Fortunately I was able to spend some time listening to some soothing music over the phone while I waited.

Finally I got to speak to a very friendly sounding dude, who promptly told me that there was NO MISTAKE! I had purchased a used computer, those warranties don't kick in 'til after 60 days had passed. Oh, thanks for the update. I told him that no one had told me that when they so eagerly sold me the "Peace of Mind". Actually, he told me, it is stated in the agreement where you clicked the I Accept button at the time of purchase.

I love these people.

I figured that my next option was to call the company that I bought the laptop from - CRS Technologies. I did this and they put me through to a very helpful man named Paul who spent as much time as I needed trying to determine the problem. His diagnosis: likely a corrupted file.
He said that he would quickly send me a set of disks to re-install operating system. Thank you Paul - that was very nice of you. He also stated that if that didn't work, that he would do what it took to make my computer work. WOW! Customer Services lives!!

Eight days later - I was still waiting for my disks. I figured that Paul had either forgotten to mail them or was giving me the brush off. I shot him off a quick email - he responded stating that he'd get a new set in the mail - sending them Priority this time. He also said that he was surprised that the disks hadn't gotten to me yet - he had sent them.

The next day I got my disks - two sets on the same day. One took 9 days because it was sent by Media, the other less than 24 hours because it was sent by Priority.

After that long wait, I spent a whole day loading the operating system - it failed three times. So I gave up at 3:00 am, and went to bed. First, I shot off an email to CRS Technology, explained the entire scenario.

Paul responded and told me that a new hard drive was on its way to me. I received it yesterday, installed it and believe it or not, it worked. Thanks again Paul! I was very happy with the results and would recommend that anyone looking for a good Laptop or four - should definitely bid on them at CRS Technologies site. They sell great products and give customer service a good name.

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