Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Jewlery Photography

I was contacted this week by a jewelry company about shooting 500 pieces for their business.

They will be using them for both their catalog and for their web-site. It has been years since I shot Jewels, the last time being when I was employed by mail order giant Fingerhut. That was a great place to work - it was a phenomenal learning ground. We shot every thing from Vacuums to entire room sets, and built the sets -with the help of the official set builders.

Well this company needed some samples of jewelry. So this is what I sent them. My difficulty is that I was approached through a site where I bid on freelance gigs, and you do not know what the companies style is or what exactly they are looking for... or who they are.
I hope they like what they see -'cause I have no idea what their photography usually looks like.

I personally like the pearls and this last shot - they just have a little more emotion to them.

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Knox Photog said...

Love how you've got these rings standing on end. How do you do that?

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