Sunday, April 12, 2009

More Flood Updates

Sorry no time to Photoshop images!!

Valley City Flood '09 North Dakota

This was a street next to the Hospital.

These poor people - I hear that they'll lose their house to the river. They are fighting - we are praying.

Flood '09

Covering all the Manholes on my street! Makes me nervous - gulp.

Road closed signs are EVERYWHERE!!!!

Dykes are built on both ends of every bridge in town.
Foot Bridge at VCSU surrunded by Sandbag Dykes and covered by water.

Valley City Flood

Flooding has begun here in Valley City, North Dakota. These are Pics with out any Photoshop - I just wanted to get them out.
National Guard is out in Force.Market Place Foods surrounded by a Brand New Dyke! As is Mercy Hospital. Oh Mercy!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I Lost my HAT

My hat. It's gone. I am so-o-o bummed out. Being a guy with a smooth head - no hair on top at all - I NEED a hat. In the summer I need one to protect me from Melanoma. In fall and winter months - it keeps my melon warm... and that feels so good.

Winter in the upper mid-west can be a painful experience. It is exponentially so when you are missing the natural insulation that God provided for our heads. Mine is gone - like my hat.

About 15 years ago, -I still had a fairly full head of hair at the time - I was at a department store closing sale, with my beautiful wife Kristi and her mother. Everything was being totally clearanced out. You could even buy their mirrors off the walls, which my mother-in-law did.

I was walking around, wandering actually. When I saw this really cool hat. No one was wearing hats like this , other than old men. I really wanted that hat. I showed it to Kristi and her mom.

Kristi thought it was okay - but no big deal. Her mom said "it's a Pendleton, that is a very good brand"... She knows quality.
Being very, very generous - like you would not believe - she took the hat and threw it into her cart, and bought it for me.

I tried wearing it on occasion - but it was too tight. It hurt. I often wished that my head were smaller, but I was blessed with thick hair and a big head.
I would take it out occasionaly for photo shoots, but it usually just sat in the coat closet. We longed to be together.

One day I realized that my hair was not as thick as it once was, and needed to come off. In doing so I discovered a couple of things. Bald guys need hats, and my hat size had shrunk. My Pendelton hat became a part of me, for eight years. This winter I never left home with out it. I even wore it in the house on very cold nights while working on my computer.

Unfortunately I lost it in Fargo, ND. It was a very, very cold day. I wore it into one grocery store. I had it on when I pumped gas. Thank God.

However, when I was about to put it on to load a bunch of groceries at the next store - it was gone. My head was so-o-o cold, that I felt like it was going to implode.

I've since searched everywhere for it - but have had no luck.

My head is cold - I miss my Pendleton. They don't seem to make that style any longer. I've been checking out eBay - to no avail.

In honor of the Pendleton hat I loved - I give you a memorial shoot - taken in the Lincoln Memorial, in Washington, DC. Fortunately I did this shoot about 2 months before I lost my hat. It was to be a tradition where ever we travel, and I happen to find just the right light.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Global Warming? HA!

I gotta tell you if you are a big Global warming fan - you have not been in my front yard lately. We have piles of snow up to 7 feet high and 9 foot long icicles. The temperature plummeted to 24 below F - with a wind chill of 45 below. That is just painfully cold. Warm it is not.

Check out these untouched (not photoshopped at all) pics. This is why we are seriously considering relocating to North Carolina!!!! The sooner the better.

Friday, January 9, 2009

We saw a FOX

A couple of days ago, we had the pleasure of seeing my brother from Helsinki, Finland, for a few hours. We were on on our way back from Chicago, and he was on his way home from Canada. It was a joyous reunion at our relatives home in Minneapolis.
While there, my beautiful wife, Kristi looked out their kitchen window and pointed out a fox passing through their back yard! Wow! We were all so surprised. We watched as it ran towards a neighbors retaining wall and then suddenly pounced into their front yard. Our host Mike suggested that I might be able to catch a view of the fox if I went out their front door. He figured that it may be crossing the street.
Even better. It was eating the critter that it had just killed when it pounced. I approached slowly. I pointed my trusty Canon DSLR, feeling pretty stealthy. Then I took a shot and my flash went off - oops it was still on from some indoor shooting. The fox lifted his(or her) head and made full eye contact with me.
He struck a couple of poses - just like a professional model. I felt like a wildlife photographer. I moved in closer. He stayed put.
The light post made me feel like I was in Narnia. I was just getting ready to make some polite conversation with this guy - like King Peter did - after all the fox was on their side. I moved a step closer and he bent down to grab his kill. He ran off as fast as could be. Either he was not a talking fox - or he was selfish and wanted his little bunny all to himself.
Bye Bye little fox.
Looking at this last image - I now understand why Big Foot is always hard to recognize in photos.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Last Minute Wedding Shoot

I had a blast shooting on this very very VERY cold, cold, -c-c-c-c-old winter day. North Dakota in December is painfully chilled. Randy & Lisa were such good sports, their parents were so cool and their Sibs were great. It was a pleasure to hang out with them and develop friendships.

Lisa's mom Donna told me of so many people who are singing my praises for doing this gig. I was actually a last minute stand in. The groom's aunt was supposed to be shooting the entire event. Fortunately for me - not so much for her - she got snowed in at home and could not make the trip. I just happened to have the weekend free. Had it been the previous weekend I'da been in Pensylvania, or the following would have found me in Chicago. It worked out for me and the happy couple. They were thrilled and speechless that I was willing to jump in with just 18 hours notice. We had never met before the shoot began. It worked out smashingly and we ALL fell in love.
Thanks Randy & Lisa, and Donna, Steve & Julie, Pastor and Mrs. Knight, and to everyone else who made this a cold and snowy event to remember. I was warmed by y'all! Hope to see you all in North Carolina.

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