Thursday, January 8, 2009

Last Minute Wedding Shoot

I had a blast shooting on this very very VERY cold, cold, -c-c-c-c-old winter day. North Dakota in December is painfully chilled. Randy & Lisa were such good sports, their parents were so cool and their Sibs were great. It was a pleasure to hang out with them and develop friendships.

Lisa's mom Donna told me of so many people who are singing my praises for doing this gig. I was actually a last minute stand in. The groom's aunt was supposed to be shooting the entire event. Fortunately for me - not so much for her - she got snowed in at home and could not make the trip. I just happened to have the weekend free. Had it been the previous weekend I'da been in Pensylvania, or the following would have found me in Chicago. It worked out for me and the happy couple. They were thrilled and speechless that I was willing to jump in with just 18 hours notice. We had never met before the shoot began. It worked out smashingly and we ALL fell in love.
Thanks Randy & Lisa, and Donna, Steve & Julie, Pastor and Mrs. Knight, and to everyone else who made this a cold and snowy event to remember. I was warmed by y'all! Hope to see you all in North Carolina.

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