Friday, January 9, 2009

We saw a FOX

A couple of days ago, we had the pleasure of seeing my brother from Helsinki, Finland, for a few hours. We were on on our way back from Chicago, and he was on his way home from Canada. It was a joyous reunion at our relatives home in Minneapolis.
While there, my beautiful wife, Kristi looked out their kitchen window and pointed out a fox passing through their back yard! Wow! We were all so surprised. We watched as it ran towards a neighbors retaining wall and then suddenly pounced into their front yard. Our host Mike suggested that I might be able to catch a view of the fox if I went out their front door. He figured that it may be crossing the street.
Even better. It was eating the critter that it had just killed when it pounced. I approached slowly. I pointed my trusty Canon DSLR, feeling pretty stealthy. Then I took a shot and my flash went off - oops it was still on from some indoor shooting. The fox lifted his(or her) head and made full eye contact with me.
He struck a couple of poses - just like a professional model. I felt like a wildlife photographer. I moved in closer. He stayed put.
The light post made me feel like I was in Narnia. I was just getting ready to make some polite conversation with this guy - like King Peter did - after all the fox was on their side. I moved a step closer and he bent down to grab his kill. He ran off as fast as could be. Either he was not a talking fox - or he was selfish and wanted his little bunny all to himself.
Bye Bye little fox.
Looking at this last image - I now understand why Big Foot is always hard to recognize in photos.

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