Sunday, February 22, 2009

I Lost my HAT

My hat. It's gone. I am so-o-o bummed out. Being a guy with a smooth head - no hair on top at all - I NEED a hat. In the summer I need one to protect me from Melanoma. In fall and winter months - it keeps my melon warm... and that feels so good.

Winter in the upper mid-west can be a painful experience. It is exponentially so when you are missing the natural insulation that God provided for our heads. Mine is gone - like my hat.

About 15 years ago, -I still had a fairly full head of hair at the time - I was at a department store closing sale, with my beautiful wife Kristi and her mother. Everything was being totally clearanced out. You could even buy their mirrors off the walls, which my mother-in-law did.

I was walking around, wandering actually. When I saw this really cool hat. No one was wearing hats like this , other than old men. I really wanted that hat. I showed it to Kristi and her mom.

Kristi thought it was okay - but no big deal. Her mom said "it's a Pendleton, that is a very good brand"... She knows quality.
Being very, very generous - like you would not believe - she took the hat and threw it into her cart, and bought it for me.

I tried wearing it on occasion - but it was too tight. It hurt. I often wished that my head were smaller, but I was blessed with thick hair and a big head.
I would take it out occasionaly for photo shoots, but it usually just sat in the coat closet. We longed to be together.

One day I realized that my hair was not as thick as it once was, and needed to come off. In doing so I discovered a couple of things. Bald guys need hats, and my hat size had shrunk. My Pendelton hat became a part of me, for eight years. This winter I never left home with out it. I even wore it in the house on very cold nights while working on my computer.

Unfortunately I lost it in Fargo, ND. It was a very, very cold day. I wore it into one grocery store. I had it on when I pumped gas. Thank God.

However, when I was about to put it on to load a bunch of groceries at the next store - it was gone. My head was so-o-o cold, that I felt like it was going to implode.

I've since searched everywhere for it - but have had no luck.

My head is cold - I miss my Pendleton. They don't seem to make that style any longer. I've been checking out eBay - to no avail.

In honor of the Pendleton hat I loved - I give you a memorial shoot - taken in the Lincoln Memorial, in Washington, DC. Fortunately I did this shoot about 2 months before I lost my hat. It was to be a tradition where ever we travel, and I happen to find just the right light.

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