Sunday, April 12, 2009

More Flood Updates

Sorry no time to Photoshop images!!

Valley City Flood '09 North Dakota

This was a street next to the Hospital.

These poor people - I hear that they'll lose their house to the river. They are fighting - we are praying.

Flood '09

Covering all the Manholes on my street! Makes me nervous - gulp.

Road closed signs are EVERYWHERE!!!!

Dykes are built on both ends of every bridge in town.
Foot Bridge at VCSU surrunded by Sandbag Dykes and covered by water.

Valley City Flood

Flooding has begun here in Valley City, North Dakota. These are Pics with out any Photoshop - I just wanted to get them out.
National Guard is out in Force.Market Place Foods surrounded by a Brand New Dyke! As is Mercy Hospital. Oh Mercy!

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